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addage's Journal

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community description
this community is for finding new friends on websites beyond livejournal... such as, twitter, myspace, facebook, polyvore, plurk, etc.

community rules

remember tags are our buddies (: please, tag all your entries with the name of the website(s) (i.e. twitter) and your lj username.
your first post should include your name, age, and "contact information." your contact information should consist of the website's name (bolded!!) & your accounts on whichever websites you chose to include.
community promoting is allowed! however, you may only list the livejournal link for the community or a small button (no bigger than 200px in width). include a brief description of the community's content beneath the link.
self promoting is allowed as well. this refers to looking for new friends on livejournal.
you may also promote websites you believe others might be interested in (i.e. forums, fashion blogs, social networking sites, etc.) be sure to include the website link as well as a description of the website's content.
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