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i am looking for new friends! :) please comment on my friends only post and i will add you straight away! or just comment here! i would love it if you told me about yourself, too.

that's me :)

i've had livejournal for years, but i've been on a break from using it as a diary for about a year. i've decided i want to start writing again, and i need help with a lot of things in my life and the way i am, so i think it might help starting to write about how i feel and my life. i am interested in being friends with anyone, as long as you're nice, you want to have a personal friendship with me & you're not a moron.

my entries are locked as private so you need to be added as a friend to see them, read them and comment on them. if you want to be friends, not just a random person on my friends list, please comment on my friends only post, thank you.

about me*
i'm naomi, i'm 20. i'm female. i'm outgoing, friendly, cute, girly and independent. i was born in sheffield, north england and now i live in london to study and work. i graduate summer 2012 with a degree in media & popular culture. i want to go into marketing and advertising. i have a baby brother who lives at home with my mum, my dad passed away 2 years ago. i have been with my boyfriend, ollie, for 3 years and we're very close. next summer after i graduate me and my boyfriend are going to move in to together. ♥ i am a workaholic. i am a waitress at core organic grill/restaurant and i love it. i have borderline personality disorder. i don't like talking about it in the open but i will be talking about it in my entries so if that makes you uncomfortable please do not add me.

i like a lot of normal things. partying, drinking, nice cuisine, getting good grades, reading, libraries, museums, art galleries, parks, culture, architecture, email groups (i have 3!), photography, sanrio/hello kitty, nature, writing, emailing, rtas, dancing, coffee. everyone i meet i like to get to know straight away. i'm very chatty and talkative, and anyone is immediately my friend. i find it easy to make new friends, be outspoken/professional, my personality is distorted from my disorder, and is quite eccentric.

i like indie films, amy winehouse, frank sinatra, hello kitty, and my boyfriend. i am subscribed to STACK an independent magazine where i get sent random zines every month... i love that sort of stuff. i also like high street fashion and buying clothes. i like dressing up and looking nice. i like disney. i have 3 tattoos. i wear glasses. i love travelling. in 2012 i went to turkey, barcelona and paris. in april 2012 i am going to venice, italy :) ♥

animals, art, art journals, bars, blankets, books, clothes, clubbing, cocktails, college, crafts, discovering, disney, dogs, drinking, earth, english, eyes, fashion, gardening, grass, hollister, hugs, jewelry, kisses, learning, library, london, london underground, love, magazines, make up, music, nice food, photography, plants, polaroid, pubs, radio, shopping, smiles, studying, sun, tea, trains, travelling, trees, universities, waitressing, world
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