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mates mates mates

so, lets see how do i start this off.

I'm Ric, 21, from Melbourne, Australia.

There was a time in life, where i was just obsessed about looking for the meaning of life, and finding happiness. I've realised that, life isn't about looking for the meaning, its about living it to its fullest as cliche as it all sounds. My life is a fine line of amazing time and crushing depressive lows, I like that. Life is a game of chance and risk but also cold calculated thinking and love. Learning to balance these things is an issue.

I take each day as it comes, ive got my good days, my bad days. On the days i don't write i tend to podcast. I guess its the thing thats keeping me sane at the moment. It helps me escape from reality even for just a few minutes.

With saying all that. I'm the average bloke, who likes his soccer, his mates, partying, family, and of course the ladies.

Anyways enough of that. what you say lets me mates? comment here:  moshimoshi23.livejournal.com/322.html

cheers aye.

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