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[(01072012 ·· 03:14pm)]

i am looking for new friends! :) please comment on my friends only post and i will add you straight away! or just comment here! i would love it if you told me about yourself, too.

that's me :)

i've had livejournal for years, but i've been on a break from using it as a diary for about a year. i've decided i want to start writing again, and i need help with a lot of things in my life and the way i am, so i think it might help starting to write about how i feel and my life. i am interested in being friends with anyone, as long as you're nice, you want to have a personal friendship with me & you're not a moron.

my entries are locked as private so you need to be added as a friend to see them, read them and comment on them. if you want to be friends, not just a random person on my friends list, please comment on my friends only post, thank you.

about me*
i'm naomi, i'm 20. i'm female. i'm outgoing, friendly, cute, girly and independent. i was born in sheffield, north england and now i live in london to study and work. i graduate summer 2012 with a degree in media & popular culture. i want to go into marketing and advertising. i have a baby brother who lives at home with my mum, my dad passed away 2 years ago. i have been with my boyfriend, ollie, for 3 years and we're very close. next summer after i graduate me and my boyfriend are going to move in to together. ♥ i am a workaholic. i am a waitress at core organic grill/restaurant and i love it. i have borderline personality disorder. i don't like talking about it in the open but i will be talking about it in my entries so if that makes you uncomfortable please do not add me.

i like a lot of normal things. partying, drinking, nice cuisine, getting good grades, reading, libraries, museums, art galleries, parks, culture, architecture, email groups (i have 3!), photography, sanrio/hello kitty, nature, writing, emailing, rtas, dancing, coffee. everyone i meet i like to get to know straight away. i'm very chatty and talkative, and anyone is immediately my friend. i find it easy to make new friends, be outspoken/professional, my personality is distorted from my disorder, and is quite eccentric.

i like indie films, amy winehouse, frank sinatra, hello kitty, and my boyfriend. i am subscribed to STACK an independent magazine where i get sent random zines every month... i love that sort of stuff. i also like high street fashion and buying clothes. i like dressing up and looking nice. i like disney. i have 3 tattoos. i wear glasses. i love travelling. in 2012 i went to turkey, barcelona and paris. in april 2012 i am going to venice, italy :) ♥

animals, art, art journals, bars, blankets, books, clothes, clubbing, cocktails, college, crafts, discovering, disney, dogs, drinking, earth, english, eyes, fashion, gardening, grass, hollister, hugs, jewelry, kisses, learning, library, london, london underground, love, magazines, make up, music, nice food, photography, plants, polaroid, pubs, radio, shopping, smiles, studying, sun, tea, trains, travelling, trees, universities, waitressing, world

[(11152010 ·· 08:17pm)]


Hello. I'm Jodie. 22 years old from Ireland.
Most of my Livejournal friends have become inactive and don't post an awful lot any more and my journal has gotten boring to visit.
I'm on the hunt for some new and interesting friends!
My journal contains a whole bunch of pictures, sometimes none of them are under any cuts.
I love video games and have done ever since I was a little girl.
My favourite games at the moment are Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Legend Of Zelda and Chrono Trigger.
I still have my SNES and my N64. They are my pride and joy.
My apartment is full of consoles, controllers and games.


Looking for LJ friends [(05082010 ·· 08:46pm)]

Hi. I'm Juliet. I'm 26 years old and i'm from Louisiana. I just started a journal so that I can have a place to express myself... read the profile and if you're interested, add me! I'll add back!

[(12312009 ·· 11:03pm)]

Hi. I'm Aslin and I blog/vlog :] I love everything from Disneyland, to Roller Derby, to even shopping and shows.

I love everyone :] I'm a pretty funny person too, even on my unhappiest days, I'll be able to make you laugh.

[(11232009 ·· 03:09pm)]

hi :)
i'm naomi, i'm 18. i live in london & i'm having the time of my life.
i've just got my first job for an events requirement group, i will be working private parties/red carpets/formal dinners, etc! so nervous.
i go to university here studying english language and media studies.

my interests are: animals, art, art journals, bars, blankets, books, clothes, clubbing, cocktails, college, crafts, discovering, disney, drinking, earth, english, eyes, fashion, gardening, gerbils, grass, hollister, hugs, jewelry, kisses, learning, library, london, london underground, love, magazines, make up, music, nice food, photography, plants, polaroid, pubs, radio, shopping, smiles, stick, studying, sun, tea, tegan and sara, trains, travelling, trees, universities, waitressing, world

and i look like this. but in 3 hours i will have brown hair, after 3 years of blonde hair. i'm scared!

add me please :)
only if you're nice & wanna be friends not strangers.

[(10282009 ·· 05:40pm)]

Hey, I'm Aslin :]
I love movies, and Disneyland.
I love LJ, but I do have a life.
I'm fascinated with pretty things.

Wanna be friends?


[(08242009 ·· 10:03pm)]


Follow me on twitter!!

[(08082009 ·· 07:01pm)]


I just generally tweet whatever cynical thought I'm having at the moment.

Follow me! :)

[(08052009 ·· 11:18pm)]


I'm Jessica. I'm turning 18 in 24 days and I'm about to embark on the college experience in Washington, DC.
I'm young- I know- but I don't tweet about anything one might consider immature (I keep my Disney Channel watching at a minimum and then deny I ever did so.)


Things I tweet about:
Random musings

Basically- there's something for everyone so I hope you'll give following me a chance. I do tweet A LOT so just don't turn my device updates on and you'll be fine.

Here's some examples of my recent tweets:
"Most 'monsters' have names like "The Loch Ness Monsters" or "The Jersey Devil"...not "The Pope Lick Monster." Oh, yes. Pope Lick."

"The Sultan of Brunei gave Pres. Bush a Worst Case Scenario Survival handbook. Shouldn't that be interpreted as a warning of some kind?"

"The only animal other than humans known to contract leprosy is the armadillo. Um...scary?"

Don't be scared off by the fact that I have way more followers than people I follow- if you tweet me once you start following me and let me know where you found me, I'll follow you back. Sound like a good deal? :D


[(08052009 ·· 06:19pm)]


mates mates mates [(08062009 ·· 12:29am)]

so, lets see how do i start this off.

I'm Ric, 21, from Melbourne, Australia.

There was a time in life, where i was just obsessed about looking for the meaning of life, and finding happiness. I've realised that, life isn't about looking for the meaning, its about living it to its fullest as cliche as it all sounds. My life is a fine line of amazing time and crushing depressive lows, I like that. Life is a game of chance and risk but also cold calculated thinking and love. Learning to balance these things is an issue.

I take each day as it comes, ive got my good days, my bad days. On the days i don't write i tend to podcast. I guess its the thing thats keeping me sane at the moment. It helps me escape from reality even for just a few minutes.

With saying all that. I'm the average bloke, who likes his soccer, his mates, partying, family, and of course the ladies.

Anyways enough of that. what you say lets me mates? comment here:  moshimoshi23.livejournal.com/322.html

cheers aye.

[(08012009 ·· 12:19am)]

20 something from Hawaii here!

I tweet about the state of the world, personal life, supernatural(sam&dean), anti-globalization, going green and everything about my little world.

Add me and comment so I can add you back!


Crazy! [(07292009 ·· 01:12pm)]


I just tweet about anything and everything.
Music I'm listening to, what I'm watching, who I'm with, where I am.
You'll get it all.
I am always busy, so it makes for a fun time.
I'm an aspiring author, so if you like reading, let me know what kinds of things you like to read(:
I'll let you know what kinds of things I like to write.
I have a teacher whose husband is a published author, and she's been helping me.
Oh, and I'm going to go to school for aerospace engineering.
I want to be an astroanut.

[(07232009 ·· 08:53pm)]

Hello! If you love fashion, you'll probably love looklet!
Looklet is a brand new styling studio where you can combine every piece in our fashion collection to mix, match and create your personal looks. All clothes are real, selected by stylists, from real designers.
No, I'm not a maintainter of the looklet site, just wanted to share some loving over livejournal and wanted to ivite you all to our new community, [info]looklet ! We are looking for mods & we are really, really nice so I really think you should come over & check this out.

We've just started, so don't worry about the lack of members ;))

+ some exaples of what you can achieve over the site


[(07142009 ·· 04:18pm)]

hey hows it going. im ric, 21 from melbourne, australia!


follow and i'll follow back cheers aye (y)

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